We hope you enjoy this update for Allison and Heather Garoy's Mission to Belize

February 2015         Thank you for your continued prayers and support as we serve here in Belize. Yesterday we were able to travel to the airport to pick up Akeem, one of our youth who was serving as a missionary in Tanzania and Uganda for the last six months. Allison drove the bus after church with about 70 people excited for his return, including his mother. He was here tonight at dinner, sharing some mind- blowing stories of the devotion of Christians there. He told us of the multiple hours pastors walked to share a message at church, just to walk hours back home afterwards; andthe money that young men work weeks and months to earn in order to be able to purchase their own Bible! While there he was able to purchase bicycles for pastors to travel on and help with several other projects to assist Tanzanian Christians. Akeem shared how two young boys, around the ages of 12 and 14, teach children’s church and never leave home without something to give during the offering time!

        God is at work all around the world and we are excited to continue hearing stories from Akeem, and are praying the experiences he had will challenge others here. We are praying for a fresh passion for the Word for the people of Mt. Hope Bible Church. These stories really challenged me to consider my own lack of love for the Word, and the several copies of the Bible I have. Evana, our two year old, seems to have a new excitement for God’s Word, and she often asks me to read story after story from her Bible during book time. There’s something captivating about the Word to her; are we captivated by it? Do we ponder the words long after we have read them? Or ask Jesus to show us just how powerful His Father’s ways are if we trust in Him?

           This weekend we had the opportunity of organizing and hosting a youth event for several area youth groups. Allison was given a vision from the Lord of a youth night of worship, called Returning to Your First Love. Around 120 young people ages 12-20 gathered at our church to share in some mingling questions, singing praise, worship, and a message. It was a powerful night where the youth were challenged to find their “because”...God has called each of them because He wants them to travel- to sing- to teach- to evangelize- to heal- and so much more!

        Allison has begun a workout group four days a week with young men from the youth group and their friends from within the village. It has become quite the popular spot on our veranda and we are thankful he can share his passion for fitness and that the Lord has provided yet another opportunity for conversations with these youth about life in Jesus. Heather continues to meet with university students during the day to do their work and help them prepare for special presentation and projects; while the after school hours are filled with primary school kids and high school students coming for their work. Not exactly the classroom she envisioned, but one she loves just the same.

        Evana and Chiara are both doing well. Chiara is nearly four months old and her newest trick is standing up, ‘talking’, and laughing with Evana. Everyday Evana is learning several new things and enjoys being a part of all that is going on in ministry. Her most favorite past time right now is drawing and taking walks to spot the neighborhood animals which include horses, dogs, cats, chickens, roosters, cows, sheep, goats, bunnies, and more! 

          We are preparing for several short term missions teams that are coming to work with Oasis in the next few weeks. Allison is busy digging post holes where new homes will be built and repairing ministry vehicles and buildings. We look forward to seeing you all this spring as we travel to the States with our family of four!

In Christ, Allison, Heather, Evana, and Chiara Garoy

Operation Christmas Child was once again a great success. Thanks to many people, items were collected for boys and girls around the world who might otherwise get no presents at all. Donations of toys, school supplies, and personal goods were all packed into boxes after 10AM mass on Sunday, November 16th, and sent out soon after. Thank you to all who participated and contributed. 131 boxes were assembled. The Daughters of the King sent another 80 boxes.
1/7/15 update:
Some of our boxes were recently tracked and were found to have been delivered in Liberia and Zambia!

The Appalachian Mission is done by John and Nancy Cairns every summer in July and August. They spend their time doing construction projects, such as working on roofs, or rebuilding homes that have been damaged by severe weather. They are also involved in local VBS programs while they are there. The year round collection of returnable bottles in the Parish Hall goes to support this mission.

Speak to Nancy or Deacon John if you are interested in learning more about this mission.

The Medical Mission to the Dominican Republic is through the Diocese of Albany and the Diocese of the Republica Dominicana, and just had its 16th mission trip in March 2014. It is coordinated through St. Eustace Church in Lake Placid. Susan Olszewski, RN, has been a member of the mission team since 2004, and coordinates the pharmacy and orders all of the medications both in the US and in the DR. We hold free medical clinics and provide free medicine to over 1000 people while we are there each year. Medical people, clergy, lay people and teens are all a vital part of this mission trip. Several Ballston Spa teens have gone on this trip as well, including Jesse Bush, Luke Bush, Jeremy Hoose, Jennifer Gardner and Danielle Gardner. Members of Christ Church who have been involved include Deacon Maureen Demler and Kathy Rooney. 

Please speak to Susan any time during the year if you are interested in this mission.